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*glug glug

Morning, noon, and night, our Gluggle Jugs serve as excellent decanters whatever the occasion.


Whether you take your coffee with a splash of milk, prefer a glass of juice to quench your thirst or whether it’s a glass of wine on a balmy evening, there’s a Gluggle for every instance. In the evening, our Gluggle Jugs sit elegantly on the dinner table, setting a dulcet tone for a sophisticated dining experience

Since the first ‘glug’ back in the 1870’s, the Gluggle Jug has become an irresistible centrepiece for any occasion.


The happy ‘glugging’ sound emanating from this fish’s mouth when liquid is poured at three-quarters full, brings a twist of entertainment and novelty to any dinner table.


Renowned for their unique gurgling sound, Gluggle Jugs are inspired by late 19th century Staffordshire pottery.


The traditional fish-shaped pitchers are a guaranteed talking point, perfect for use as a water jug, flower vase or utensil pot.

Available in twelve beautiful colours
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